Is Bacon the New Bacon?

Episode6 Bill and Jason discuss the pitfalls of a Bacon themed restaurant, Justin Bieber, again oddly and Mothers day from hell. They start the Mike Rowe fan club and demystify hipsters and diaper genies all in a half an hour!

Voice Dude Part 2


Bill and Jason continue their conversation with Larry the Voice Dude.  They explosre the depths of nothingness, life in the 60’s and some other pointless topics to joke about.

Meet the Voice Dude

Jason Jones Larry Russo Bill Hermann

Bill and Jason introduce the “Voice Dude” Larry Russo who will be the voice of the opening and closing on the show.  Larry shares a little about this life as a Voice Over Actor and broadcaster in Vietnam during the War.  The rest of the show is mostly nothing spoken in an interesting tone of voice.