First Listener Interview

Max Listening Bill and Jason interview listener Rob Peters from Boston. They find out stuff that they cannot unhear.

Fathers Day Special

caillou Two fathers interview another father with a blog about fatherhood! Our guest Alan Kercinik who blogs about being Jack’s dad at He shares his post “Why I Hate Caillou!” Very Funny! Happy day after fathers day Dad’s

Supporting Weed Farmers?

episode-8ff This week Bill and Jason discuss a weed dealer who had to move east because legal weed was killing his business. Plus, how well do you know your liquor? Are you being duped at the bar? And are we getting acustomed to bad customer service in the U.S.? and finally Viagra like effects for women! It’s about time! News at 11.

Podcast Noir

PhotoFunia-fbc917 Bill and Jason get dark in this episode. They talk about a polish DJ who gets killed for using a computer, a but dialer who confesses murder. And a story about a guy who got sued for downloading porn. Plus a Disney imposter playing Santa Clause!