Bill And Jason New York Screw you Bruno Mars Bill and Jason talk about the first Quadrillionaire and how his life isn’t better for it. Plus you get to feel bad for every person who ever got screwed out of a fortune from one of their inventions. They talk music as Jason announces his new Electro-Swing special while Bill gets upset and finally they check in on the official wedding of the Bill and Jason Show – Bill and Jason’s Big Wedding.

Investigative Report?

Bill And Jason New York In this Episode Bill and Jason send John Young of the Disc Jockey News to find out what really happens at his Chiropractic office.  Plus, breaking scientific research on how weed affects you, a review of a couple of recent Tom Cruise movies along with a brand new game!!

The Big Announcement

billandjason2 Bill and Jason make a big announcement in this episode! It’s the first declaration of something official on the show! Bill and Jason’s Big Day

The Corniest Episode

Kirs Cornolo This week Bill and Jason talk video games and man caves with special guest host Kris Cornolo. Kris is famous for only watching 2 shows on television… ever. They also definitively answer the question, “Can you be manly without being Handy?” More on “Honey Booboo” – (WTF, really?) Finally, find out if your sausage is laced.

The Amazing Show at MN Pride

Bill Pride Bill Hermann share’s his experience producing and performing at a wedding show presented at MN Pride. Jason shares a story about how an investment by Bing Crosby set off a chain events that ultimately created Silicon Valley and fruit juice from concentrate. Where would we be without that!!