Almost Famous

Detriot This week Bill accuses Jason of continuing to smoke cigarettes while Jason denies it. They discover some handy features of Facebook and the Bill shares a riveting story from his days, or rather, nights in Detroit


Pan Am upper deck This week on the Bill and Jason Show, Larry “The Voice Dude” Russo guest hosts. The guys want to start “Guns for the Blind.” Larry Remembers that he was hijacked on a Pan Am flight heading for Beirut. Jason finally looks at the crime in his neighborhood and Bill finds a guy who discovered how to cook rats in the Andes Mountains.

Miley’s Mental Floss

chair girl Larry the Voice Dude returns to the show as Guest Host. Bill finds his dream beach front property and the guys get jealous. Jason shares a moment from last weekends wedding reception. Then they find the Mental Floss Fact Generator that some how gets them talking about Miley Cyrus and her Twerking. WTH. Finally Bill shares an uplighting story about Kidneys.


Shamwow Bill and Jason reminice the crown Jewel of the fair, the Croughnut Burger. Jason reveals the Resteraunt Industrial Complex. Bill reveals the new Wiener wiener. Jason takes his toddler son to McDonald’s for the first time. Finally dishwasher cooking tips and the freak show at the Minnesota State Fair.