Brain Altering Dancing

Bill and Jason Show Episode29 Bill and Jason discover how people might have spoken thousands of years ago. Then it’s on to Masters of Sex – Wait till you hear that transition. Ballet Dancers have a special super power no one noticed until now and where would you grow a new nose if you needed one? Finally they share a tale of 2 dollar stores.

Surprise Endings

ON a sign Bill and Jason discover moments when they exceeded what they thought was possible for themselves from a story about a woman who accidentally runs a whole marathon and places. Jason shares about a Hair Show he recently co-produced with Hair Expressions salon in Arden Hills, MN. Then they expose Facebook’s dirty little secret in their marketing.

Naked and Scared

Episode27 Bill and Jason are inspired by Halloween. This podcast is mixed genre. It starts with CSI Bill and Jason or Inspedtor Gadget does a podcast. Then it morphs into a chance to be naked and scared with someone in Sinking Springs, Pennsalvania. Then it’s story time with the scariest encounter wtih a wild animal. After the Public Apology Bill and Jason
of Bill and Jason’s Wedding Fame share how thier wedding went. Finally you learn a new and exciting way to get through college.

One Million Miles

Bill and Jason Show Blows Up Bill and Jason discover the easiest way to win a new car is to drive 1 million miles. Plus, is your reputation having a rough time of it online then maybe you need a Review Fluffer. They guys explore the crazy comments they received the the Bill and Jason show site and review the latest music they like. Finally they discover a lavish wedding reception for the homeless with no bride or groom.

Scary Moss Graffiti

episode 25

Bill and Jason discover how to go green in your graffiti habit. Who could do such graffiti?  Creepy Clowns of course.  The same one from the movie “IT” or is it?  This reminds the boys of the scariest movies they have ever seen.  Then Bill flatters Jason with a story about how C-pap machines make you better looking.  Finally they discover the most popular recipe ever which is awesome for people who cook and the ugliest animal ever declared the ugliest animal by a group of organized people who are interested in that sort of thing.