Singing Crickets

PhotoFunia-33f7da2 Bill and Jason discover that when you slow crickets down they sound like a human choir, or do they? Then Bill and Jason explore hugging versus
shaking, what’s better? This leads them to wonder why clowns are creepy again which leads to this anarchist who is crowd sourcing money for
anyone willing to assassinate someone on his list. Then before they can transition to another riveting topic Jason’s wife Kelly bounces into the room!!

Rumors Animals and Sportz

Bill and Jason TV show The Podcst cannot get much weirder for these two. Bill freaks out over being a father to girls and then in some strange twist they transition to sports. Then they get into to rumors about Hugh Hefner which some how gets them to the sex habits of certain animals. Finally they discover the contribution that the Beaver has shared with the world. Plus other surprising revelations.