Snotsicles and other language barriers.

Steve Bowen from Australia sits in again for the vacationing Jason Jones on The Bill and Jason Show. This week they talk about community fundraising, The 1st ever DJAA conference and Indigenous Australian People. Bill does his best to decribe what a snow day is, they both discuss differences in American and Australian television and the language barriers that seperate not only thier 2 countrys but people in general.

What is that? … A Wodonga accent?!

182427_113738915367156_2717360_nThe Bill and Jason Show is without json yet again but this week you get the pleasure of Mr. Steve Bowen, an entertainer/speaker and DJ from Down Under. He is a leader in his country and very well liked and respected so we are unsure why he decided to attach himself to our little dog and pony show. In this episode Bill does a good job of showing his love for but complete ignorance of the Australian people and thier country while Steve suffers the fool.

“Perfect” Tweeter Tweeting!

jim and me
Jim Cerone “The Perfect Host” sit’s in again for Jason Jones and he and Bill Hermann chat about being DJ’s, fathers, radio, radio terminogoly, 80’s music, old recording mediums, cassette players, record players, jukeboxes, records, comic books, being prepared, how to work out and how to not workout, dieting tips, and making a living as a performer … spoiler alert … chase your passion and surround yourself with positive people.

The Perfect Toast?

The Perfect Host sit's in for Jason Jones

The Perfect Host sits in for Jason Jones

The Bill and Jason Show is minus Jason so “The Perfect Host” Mr. Jim Cerone graciously offered to fill in. They chat about the business of show business. They talk about The Entertainment Experience in the UK, cool spy stuff and how a man’s daughter made an $80,000.00 tweet!

Chicks dig big shoes and baggy pants!

Bill and Jason discuss the impending U.S. clown shortage, they review the new Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon then Jason notices that Will Arnett and Liam Neisen are dominating that the Kids Movie market just before he goes off on Taco Bell. Bill brings up the Poop Bank, the Viking Apocolypse and a Spelling Bee that ran out of words.