How to date a DJ … really? … Yeah really

Bill and Jason Talk about thier 50th episode. Jason does Muppet impersonations and talks about the puppet he owns that looks like him. Bill and Jason talk about an article they found by DJ R/D that tells the ladies how they must be to “Date a DJ” and discuss a test that will tell you if you are a music hater or lover.

The DJNTV Debut Simulcast Bill and Jason Show

Jason Jones returns from Vacation! … and he has NEWS! The Bill and Jason Show is being simulcast on #DJNTV making this a show by DJ’s for DJ’s once again!

Oh yeah and here’s the video version too!

An Artists Mentality … from his wifes perspective.

bill and reen2Jason Jones is missing again so Bill’s wife Maureen sits in for part 2 of their discussion of the DJ business from the perspective of a spouse.

20 Years of Love and Taxes?

Bill Hermann is yet again without his partner Jason Jones so this week Jason is replaced by Bill’s wife Maureen. Maureen and Bill discuss his carreer and DJ’s from a woman’s perspective. They explore the unique relationship between a dj and the wives and girlfiends in thier lives and hear how maureen has found a way to put up with Bill for as long as she has.