There’s hope for you if you join the service son.

Bill and Jason talk about the latest Digital Short from Andy Sandberg on Saturday Night LIve poking fun at club DJ’s. Then they speculate on whether the new Spotify DJ software and streaming subscription will finally replace the DJ like the ipod was going to.

Shipping up to Boston


Bill is on location in Boston, MA for this episode.  He just flew in to give a presentation from the Entertainment Experience to an American Disc Jockey Association chapter.  Brendan Burchill joins them on the show.  In this episode they talk about the street performers in Faneuil Hall Marketplace and how that relates to performing weddings.  They also talk about what they learned from performing their most recent wedding receptions.  You can also view this podcast at

Intrestingly Yammering with Clay and Vlad!

Bill and Jason joke about stereo types and wonder how the DJ stereo type has changed over time. They share an ad for a wedding band that was pulled by Craigslist, you will wonder why. Bill apologizes and then wonders if he should buy Vladamire’s castle in Romania. Everything you need to know about everything this week.

Gelatin-ness-ness or What I learned about lighting!

bill and Jason talk about thier experience at the Lighting Symposium. Plus they discuss a story about a DJ that sues a Movie Star for breach of contract, DJ Cassidy and his summer 2014 playlist and give a shout out to Prince’s newest party DJ Michael Holtz. Watch the video version here